Paint By Numbers Complete Guide

What You Should Know About Paint By Numbers

Paint By Numbers is a fun and creative activity that requires no artistic skills from you, and everything you needed to complete the painting will be included in the kit. The canvas that we provided to you will be pre-printed with different sections labeled with different numbers, all you have to do is to paint the numbered section with the corresponding numbered paints. It's a great activity to do by yourself, with your friends, or with your family. There's no restriction on where you should complete it. You can paint it everywhere --- when you are at home, on vacation, taking a break at office, etc.

paint by numbers kit

Who is Paint By Numbers For?
It's for everyone! Children, adults, elders, everyone is welcomed to participate in this enormously fun activity! It could be something that you do to spend your spare time, or it could be something that you just find interesting to do as a hobby!
How To Start With A Paint By Numbers Kit?
Firstly, take everything out of the number painting kit, and make sure everything is included and nothing is missing. Then, spread the canvas on a flat surface, and put the accessories beside the canvas. You could prepare a cup of water and some paper towels to wash and clean your brushes as well. You are ready to start now! There's no one "correct way" to paint the canvas; you could paint it by numbers (eg. from 1 to 24); you could also paint it from left to right. You are the artist here and you can make this decision yourself!
Please refer to this video if you need help framing the canvas :)


Now that you are here, we are thrilled to welcome you into the paint by numbers world! Have fun and enjoy the process!